Ahoy Career

Ahoy! We are an international company in the human resources industry. We specialize in providing recruitment services for companies that have their headquarters in Poland and have their activities at the Czech and Slovak markets.

Why are we effective?

Success fee

We count for the effects, which means that we receive reward not for the search, the number of delivered CVs, or the number of candidates who took part in the interview, but only for employing the candidate we provided.

Understanding the needs

We know and understand the Czech and Slovak community and their attitude towards Poland and work in Poland, which means that we know their fears and needs and how to meet them.


We provide our candidates with care and a sense of security - we contact them in their language and support not only during the recruitment process, but also during the first months in Poland.

From the beginning to the end

We reach candidates directly and from the beginning to the end we participate in the recruitment process mediating between the candidate and the company.

Database of candidates

We have our own free tool for creating CVs, thanks to which we have access to a wide database of candidates

Also locally

We successfully reach the Czechs and Slovaks who already live in Poland, working here or studying.

Contact us

Are you interested in working with us or would you like to ask a question and learn more about us?

Contact us by phone +48 570 683 428‬
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