We and Our Goals

We are an international human resources company established in Warsaw at the beginning of 2019. Behind our company are Slovaks and Czechs living in Poland.

We specialize in providing recruitment services for companies that have their headquarters in Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, and many other countries and co-direct their activities to the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, German, Dutch, and other EU markets. As we have been through this process ourselves, we know all too well what it entails and how best to help you find a job with these companies.

Our goal is to support anyone who decides to work in abroad. We'll help you find a suitable position, guide you through the recruitment process and make sure you always have a "friend on the phone."

Our Recruitment Process

Introductory Interview

The first step is the initial interview. Together we will make a phone call and answer all your questions. We'll go through the vacancies and choose the one that's right for you. We'll help you prepare for the interview. We know our clients and we know how to succeed in an interview.

An interview with the employer

After the initial phone call, we can connect you directly with the company you are interested in working for. We will assist you throughout the recruitment process. The interview may consist of one to three rounds. Everything happens online and in English

Official Business

Once you arrive at your destination, we'll help you with the authorities. We will help you choose the right bank, mobile operators and explain the process of the necessary official matters. Together we'll go through the process with everything you need to live and work abroad.