How to deal with the shortage of employees to support foreign markets? Ahoy Career has a good solution for that

December 6, 2022

Every effective business starts with a good idea in the right place at the right time. Zdeno Fedeš, founder and CEO of Ahoy Career agency, came up with it in 2019 when he noticed that, as a Slovak living in Poland, he was getting a lot of job offers aimed at persons fluent in Slovak. He decided to trust his intuition and a few months later, after a comprehensive research, it turned out that his instincts were not wrong. Not only Slovaks, but also Czechs, Hungarians, Romanians and representatives of other European nationalities in Poland regularly get job offers from multinational companies that are constantly looking for employees to serve foreign markets. This observation quickly gave rise to one of the most interesting HR agencies on the Polish market with an unusual model of cooperation.

Uncommon, means what kind?

The niche that Ahoy Career has found is to support companies (Polish and foreign) that have their headquarters in Poland, but also direct their operations to other European markets, including the aforementioned Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary. There are relatively few representatives of these countries in Poland, or people fluent in their languages, so it is not easy to find a suitable employee to handle foreign branches of corporations. It is in this process that a recruitment agency, which knows where to look for such employees and how to convince them to take up employment in Poland, proves to be of invaluable help.

Nowadays, it’s often the employers who have to adapt to employees and put more effort into finding them and offering them suitable terms of employment. Ahoy Career’s dynamic growth is a proof that the more challenging it is to attract the right professionals, the more help an agency that knows where to find them proves to be. We are not slowing down and are expanding our offerings to respond even better to the needs of our clients – says Zdeno Fedeš, the founder and CEO of the Ahoy Career agency.

Close to the employees

The key to the success is how and where to look for suitable candidates. The Polish market is already quite exploited in this area, so you can’t act only locally, a mistake that many agencies or recruitment departments of large institutions make. Much better results come from finding employees in their home countries and encouraging them to come to Poland. Such a move, however, is such a big life change for the candidate that another important factor in the recruitment process is to distinguish employees with a very specific profile. After all, the move to Poland is more likely to be made by young people (under thirty), with first professional experience, eager to experience an adventure – such as a change of residence – and able to step out of their comfort zone. It is to them that Ahoy Career reaches out with its proposal, offering them support at every stage of cooperation – from the initial interview to care during the first months in Poland.

How effective is this model of work?

The agency’s results speak for themselves. The effectiveness of Ahoy Career is the result of its proprietary recruitment system, a unique model of cooperation and compensation on a success fee basis. Clients, which include many global brands, can be sure that the candidates the agency will propose to them will be qualified both in terms of job content and language skills. Currently, the offer includes sourcing employees who speak Slovak, Czech, Romanian and Hungarian, as well as, more recently, German and Dutch.

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