When is it a good idea to use the services of a recruitment agency and how does such cooperation work? The Ahoy Career answers

December 6, 2022

In an earlier article we explained how to cope with the shortage of employees to serve foreign markets. Today we will tell you a little more about when it is worthwhile to use the services of a recruitment agency specializing in finding foreign-language employees to work in Poland and, using Ahoy Career as an example, we will present a step-by-step course of such cooperation.

Who should choose to work with an agency?

Poland’s economic conditions and location are leading more and more companies (Polish and foreign) to locate their European headquarters here. These are establishments of all kinds – from clothing brands to furniture or financial brands. The task of such a hub is usually to coordinate the activities of branches in other European markets, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Germany or the Netherlands. Companies prefer that it is from the headquarters that guidelines for these areas come out, which brings with it the need for employees fluent in their languages. As you can easily guess, finding specialists with such a profile in Poland is no small challenge, especially in the case of languages that are less popular in our country. Practice shows that internal HR departments of corporations are often not equipped with the right tools to go beyond the local search area and efficiently recruit employees. It is in such a situation that it is worth choosing to use the services of an agency such as Ahoy Career. This is not only because of its clarified know-how, but also its highly effective recruitment system that reaches people who previously seemed out of reach.

Cooperation step by step

For some, operating with an agency is an everyday occurrence, and for some it is a complete novelty, so we have prepared a universal download of the 6 stages of cooperation using Ahoy Career as an example:

  1. We always start by establishing the scope and terms of cooperation. Is the agreement signed? Great! We move on.
  2. Now is the ideal time to identify the client’s recruitment needs and agree on the details. In order to find the best possible match between the company and the candidate, the agency needs to carefully review the profile of the employee sought, the position and the language to be spoken by the candidate (currently on offer: Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, German and Dutch).
  3. This is where all the magic happens. It’s at this stage that Ahoy Career pulls its aces out of its sleeve and launches recruitment systems that reach places you didn’t expect (more details here).
  4. Entering this stage means full success in the previous stage. The agency provides the company with a selection of candidates who meet the predetermined requirements and have passed the initial screening.
  5. Next steps? The client invites selected persons to internal interviews and makes a hiring decision.
  6. The cooperation ends with a settlement, of course, but this only happens if the company is fully satisfied with its new employees. If so, a fee is paid on a success fee basis, and if not, the process returns to stage number 3. The result of cooperation is also covered by a 3-month guarantee – if during this time either party decides to terminate the contract, the agency finds a replacement for the employee free of charge.
  7. In the case of Ahoy Career, there is still a bonus stage number 7 at the end of the process, which is the care of candidates who have decided to move to Poland. Each employee is assigned a community manager, who provides extensive support – from helping them with paperwork to putting them in touch with other representatives of their nationality in Poland. This makes it more likely that the person will be happy with the move and stay here for the long term.

As you can see, cooperation with a recruitment agency is an extremely convenient solution for many companies. Within a set time, the agency delivers a proposal of candidates with the established qualifications and does not stop searching until the client is satisfied. Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you feel that Ahoy Career’s offer is aimed at you, go to https://ahoy.career/en/for-employers/ and learn more.