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Restaurants in Krakow Where to Go for a Meal

April 22, 2020

The climate in Poland allows for the cultivation of tasty vegetables, fruit, cereals and herbs. Experience with plants allows us to create our own stocks and use traditional, healthy recipes. Thanks to the constant development of the city, countless places have sprung up where you can taste not only local flavors, but also the flavors of other continents: Asia, Africa or America. The restaurants in Krakow are so varied that there is something for everyone.

Krakow Restaurants and World Cuisine

World cuisine, Polish cuisine or perhaps Mediterranean flavors? Krakow’s restaurants and bars offer a variety of tastes and methods of eating to all those who are hungry and interested in gastronomy. From dairy bars (i.e. cheap eateries) to sought-after restaurants: Korean (Mandu), French (Zazie Bistro, Petite France), Italian pizzerias (Vincenzo Pedone), etc. In Krakow, you can enjoy Italian pizza on the banks of the Vistula, gourmet specialties at the U Ziyada restaurant in Przegorzały (the green part of Krakow), and watch the panorama of the city and the mountains from above. Krakow is not far from the Czech and Slovak borders, but if you get a craving for Czech beer and cream cheese, you’ll quickly discover that you’ll can find them in the many bars and restaurants dedicated to these countries: (U Jožina, Hospůdka u nás, Strefa piwa). Polish cuisine is always tempting with a wide selection of pierogi (delicious ones can be found in Dębnicki Market), borscht and sauerkraut (also bought at the market or easily prepared at home). Many establishments offer vegan and vegetarian menus: (Vegab, Glonojad, HariPrasad Samosa & Curry), their operators often taking inspiration from Asian cuisine, but using Polish products in doing so. More and more restaurants, following the European model, are accepting guests with pets, offering them water or…ice cream for dogs.

Krakow Food Festivals

Gastronomic festivals are organized in the city several times a year: Najedzeni Fest, Veganmania (an event promoting a plant-based diet) and food-truck festivals, which appear mainly in the summer in the Kazimierz district, near the main station and near Krakowskie Błonia. Gastronomic festivals are accompanied by a family, special atmosphere. There are also beer and wine festivals for gourmets and connoisseurs of delicious drinks.

There is good food in every corner of the city. Due to its central location, tourists often choose Rynek (Market Square) or Kazimierz. However, it’s worth using an Internet search engine and eating beyond the city center.

Krakow Food Markets

If you prefer to prepare your own meals in your own kitchen, you’ll find all the ingredients you need in the city, whether Polish, European or exotic. Markets and shops sell a range of regional produce, fresh fruit, nuts, cereals and spices, including organic ones. Good stocks and a wide range of products are always available at these marketplaces:  Nowy Kleparz, Stary Kleparz, Hala Targowa, Targ Pietruszkowy and Plac na Stawach. The vendors there offer their own unique products, such as cheese, juices from their own orchards, honey and all sorts of other products. The freshness and quality of products bought at markets often surpasses that of the supermarket chains, which sell mainly imported goods.