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Breakfast in Warsaw

February 18, 2020

Breakfast in Warsaw. A good breakfast is the right start to the day. At home, however, we don’t always have time to do that before work. The fridge also doesn’t always contain exactly what we’re craving. Yet we have the impression that breakfast in the city is a luxury we can only occasionally afford …It’s time to dispel this myth!

In this article we will introduce you to selected Warsaw establishments where you can have not only a tasty, but most importantly – a CHEAP breakfast. What does cheap mean? For a zloty! Yes, you read correctly. There are several restaurants in Warsaw where you can buy breakfast with any coffee for 1 PLN. For example, if you buy an espresso for 6 PLN, with breakfast it will set you back only 7 PLN. So there’s nothing to do but sample all the breakfasts and coffees on the menu!


Place: Constitution Square (Plac Konstytucji )

The first place to have breakfast in Warsaw is Orzo.

The entire name “ORZO People Music Nature” perfectly describes the atmosphere of this place. The establishment is always full of people, good music and inside you will find lots of green plants.

In the first photo you can see two of the breakfast options at Orzo. On the left – the ACAI BOWL – a thick blueberry cocktail with banana, strawberries and soy milk, fresh fruit, homemade granola, bubble waffles with cappuccino; on the right – PERFECT MORNING – fried egg, Toulouse sausages, bacon, vegetable pisto, chives, baguette, herb butter, orzo mayo with cereal coffee. The “breakfast with coffee for 1 PLN” promotion is valid from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00. On weekends, you can buy a coffee for 1 groschen with any breakfast.

Breakfast in Warsaw: Aioli

Place: metro Świętokrzyska

The second place where you can have breakfast in Warsaw and also one of the favorite places of Warsaw residents is the Aioli Cantine Bar Café Deli.

The queue in front of the entrance to the business is a very common picture on Świętokrzyska Street. Why is there such major interest in Aioli? It’s simple – good location, tasty food, nice interior… and action. On Monday, a liter pitcher of beer for 14.90 (Note: PLN), on Tuesdays a pizza Margarita for 10 PLN and the same drink for the same price, always on Wednesdays a 1 l martini for 19.90…and what about the other days of the week? Go there and see for yourself, now let’s get back to breakfast. With each coffee you receive a selected breakfast for 1 PLN, and there are seven different recommendations on the menu. In the photo: BREKKIE PIZZA – mozzarella, tomato sauce, bacon, egg, fresh spinach and classic aïoli sauce with cereal coffee, and SAUSAGE & EGGS – bruschetta, fried egg, Toulouse sausages, bacon, labneh, chives, aïoli sauce and cappuccino. In 2018, Aioli opened its second location in Warsaw – Aïoli Bread&Aperitivo, Chmielna 26 Street.


Place: Theater Square (Plac teatralny)

The third place where you can have breakfast in Warsaw is Momu.

This restaurant offers traditional Polish cuisine in a modern style – something you definitely have to try in Warsaw. The breakfast menu includes Baltic cod, scrambled eggs and white sausage, among others.

Pictured is a tip for a sweet breakfast – cheesecake pancakes with raisins and orange zest, sprinkled with powdered sugar, with raspberries and blueberries, with raspberry jam and cappuccino. The interior, like the kitchen, is a fusion of tradition and the present. The design is clean but not minimalist. You can say that Momu is elaborated in an independent, urban style. The business has two large windows facing the street, and there are a few tables outside. You’ll find it on Plac Teatralny – you can watch Warsaw waking up while you have breakfast. Momu is open from 10:00 and breakfast is served from opening until 12:00.

Breakfast in Warsaw: Berek

Place: Metro Świętokrzyska

The hot atmosphere of the streets of Tel Aviv can also be felt for a while in Warsaw if you try the specialties of Israeli cuisine at the Berek restaurant. For breakfast, shakshouka is served with pita bread baked here, hummus with egg or a Mediterranean omelette with Israeli salad, labane cheese, tahini and tuna paté. At Berek you don’t even have to pay the proverbial zloty for breakfast. You get them free with both coffee and tea. Breakfast is served from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to noon, and on Sundays from 10:00 to noon. The pictured tips are PIZZA SHAKSHUKA – pizza with tomato-pepper sauce, egg, tahini with added fresh herbs, olives and fresh pita bread baked on the spot. With NANA tea and FATTOUSH breakfast salad – a mix of fresh seasonal vegetables, chickpeas, egg, pita toast and green tahini paste, with freshly baked homemade pita.

Breakfast in Warsaw: Słoik

Place: Center

Another place where you can have breakfast in Warsaw is Słoik.

Słoik is similar to Momu – a new take on traditional Polish cuisine. The name of the company is based on domestic products. The breakfast offer here is valid from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 11:30 and there are four options to choose from – ENERGY, EXCEPTIONAL, RICH and SWEET breakfasts.

Photo shows the ENERGY menu with tea (2 fried eggs or scrambled eggs on toast with fried bacon, grilled sausages and mushrooms, served with a crisp carrot salad, marinated beetroot and herb dressing) and EXCEPTIONAL with cappuccino (2 poached eggs on toast with ham, cheese and mayonnaise-mustard sauce, served with grilled mushrooms, crisp lettuce with carrots, marinated beetroot and herb dressing). It should be emphasized that at Słoik you can have breakfast for 1 PLN not only with coffee, but also with tea. It’s an alternative for those who don’t need a dose of caffeine in the morning.

Breakfast in Warsaw: The Market

In summer, Warsaw has one more tempting option for its residents – the breakfast market. What exactly are these breakfast markets? These are outdoor gatherings where we can try products from local exhibitors in a picnic atmosphere. There are usually dozens of stalls at the market, so there is something for everyone. It’s definitely an option for those who don’t like a boring breakfast.

How much does food cost at the breakfast market? The answer to this question is not simple. Some of the products are definitely not cheap, even considering the high quality of the regional products offered by the vendors. Handmade cheeses cost around 30 PLN per kilo, as do pies and cakes. Loaves of bread can be bought from 4 PLN, a cup of coffee for about 5 PLN.

You can find the markets in Mokotów (Skwer AK Granat) and Żoliborz (Skwer Śmiała/al. Wojska Polskiego). Further information is available at:

Do you have any idea in which of the establishments you can best spoil your taste buds? Convinced by the idea of a breakfast picnic? It’s time to try it for yourself! Bon appetit!