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Accommodation in Poland – How and Where to Search

February 3, 2022

Accommodation in Poland. Wherever you are, having a place to live is the most important thing. If you’re traveling to Poland to work and you’re not lucky enough for your new employer to provide housing, you’ll most likely have to find an apartment or room on your own. Luckily, at Ahoy Career we take care of new arrivals and have compiled a quick guide that will make finding accommodation in Poland a breeze.

Accommodation in Poland: an entire apartment or a room?

The key is to be aware of your own needs. Before you start searching for accommodation in Poland, you’ll need to determine whether you want a whole apartment to yourself or whether you’ll be happy with a room in a shared flat. The first option is more costly, but you will have your peace and quiet and you don’t have to consider your roommates. That doesn’t mean that living with other people is bad. This choice also has countless advantages. Shared housing is very popular, especially among young people and students. If you are young, like to have fun and lead an active lifestyle, this is the perfect accommodation to start with. Plus, it’s a great way to gain basic Polish (or any other foreign language) absolutely free.

Where to search?

There are truly many possibilities. Ideally, you’re already on a train heading to Warsaw or another major Polish city, and a good friend who has been living in Poland for a while has arranged accommodation for you. However, this is not a completely standard situation and if this were the case, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this article. So we’ll assume you’ve got a good job, that you’re slowly packing up, and looking for a place to live. So where to search?

Accommodation on Social Networks

(Almost) everyone is on social media. This is the holy truth. And there are also groups through which people offer their apartments for rent or student groups looking for a new roommate. Facebook is very popular in Poland. Its great advantage is the fact that you can make initial contact with a new landlord in the form of a message to which the other party can respond immediately. Below we have prepared a list of popular groups on this network, focused on renting out apartments and rooms, divided by city.


Warsaw is a great city to live in Poland. It offers great infrastructure, countless job opportunities, entertainment and recreation options. We recommend the following groups for finding an apartment in this city:

Wynajem mieszkanie / pokój w Warszawie Warszawa – pokoje mieszkania wynajem

Warszawa wynajmę mieszkanie/pokój, szukam mieszkania/współlokatora


A beautiful historic port town. A clear choice for those who want to live by the sea. If you are planning to move here and looking for accommodation in Gdansk, be sure to visit the following:

Wynajem Mieszkań Gdańsk

Stancje w Trójmieście. Mieszkania do wynajęcia – Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot


One of the most beautiful Polish cities full of history and culture, offering many job opportunities. Moreover, it’s very close from Krakow to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, so going home for the weekend is not a problem. You can search for accommodation here:

KRAKÓW WYNAJEM Pokój / Mieszkanie – Szukam / Wynajmę

Kraków WYNAJEM pokój / mieszkanie, WYNAJMĘ


A smaller, culturally based industrial city. A great place for lovers of alternative lifestyle and also good food. Search for a room or a whole apartment here:

Łódź – Wynajem mieszkań bez prowizji

Łódź – mieszkania, pokoje, lokale – sprzedaż, wynajem – bez prowizji


Another city close to our borders. The locals love our culture, so you will feel at home. You can search for accommodation in Katowice here:

Pokój/Mieszkanie -> Katowice

Wynajem Mieszkań / Domów Katowice

When Facebook isn’t enough…

While social networking is all the rage, it doesn’t necessarily suit everyone. Also, we cannot be sure from the advertisers’ side that they will place their advertisement here. That’s why it’s a good idea to look elsewhere for accommodation in Poland. For example on advertising portals.

By far the most popular portal of this type is OLX. Here you will find hundreds of ads for apartments and rooms of different standards, in different locations, even in the smallest towns in Poland. is also worth mentioning, whose popularity has been declining lately, but still has its fans and sometimes you can find really interesting offers here.

How much does accommodation in Poland cost?

In Poland, as in the Czech Republic, a substantial part of the earnings of local residents goes to rent. However, it should be remembered that in 2020 the average Polish salary is 3800 PLN after tax. With a foreign language, however, it’s not a problem to obtain completely different numbers. With a bit of luck, you can find a studio apartment in Warsaw for 1100 zł. Compared to Prague or Bratislava, for example, this is a negligible amount and the overall cost of living in Poland is considerably lower.

Once you have successfully completed your interview and arrived in Poland, our Community Manager will help you during the first days and weeks in your new country. Whether it’s help finding suitable accommodation, advice on how to arrange a bank account or information on important offices, you’ll have a contact person to turn to from day one.

Are you all packed? That’s good, because when you arrive we will look at what you will need to arrange in the first few weeks after your arrival.