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Transport Alternatives in Warsaw

February 18, 2020

Your own car, taxi or public transport. These aren’t the only ways to get around a big city. Warsaw truly offers many alternatives. City bikes, cars, scooters per minute: these are convenient and cost-effective solutions. Moreover, compared to ZTM or taxis, they give us the opportunity to decide where we are going and still experience the joy of driving. Running your own car is expensive and, if you are mainly moving around town, it’s also not always comfortable. Buying a car is not the first thing we think about when moving to another city. Instead, it’s worth checking out the wealth of alternatives the city has to offer.

Carsharing – what is it and why is it worth trying?

            Car sharing is the renting of cars by the minute under the rules of the sharing economy, i.e. “we don’t have to own one to use it”. Car sharing companies provide designated vehicles. The cars are parked at so-called bases or in different parts of the city. Anyone who holds a driving license and has the company’s mobile app can reserve a vehicle and pick it up where it is, or simply find the cars parked on the street (the mobile app will help you find the car). Clients will only pay for the time they use the vehicle (calculated in minutes) and the distance traveled (in kilometers). However, they do not pay for fuel or parking. The main advantage of car sharing is economy (especially for those who drive distances typical for city driving). Using a “vehicle per minute” is less expensive than using your own vehicle when driving less than 10,000 km per year.

Car Sharing in Warsaw

Transport Alternatives in Warsaw
4mobility photo Dominika Zdrodowska

Below is the price comparison of car sharing companies in Warsaw.


            Traficar was the first to appear in Warsaw. It works on the so-called free-floating principle. You can pick up your vehicle throughout the city and drop it off at any location.

What is it like in terms of price?
  • The first 2 minutes of preparation for the ride are free, each subsequent minute costing 50 groschen.
  • Each kilometer you travel will cost you 80 groschen.
  • If you take a break (e.g. for shopping and returning to the shop later), you will pay 10 groschen for each minute.


            Cars can be rented and then returned at the premises where the company operates (includes “main transport routes”). Before using the service for the first time, you must register (via video call, in person at a branch or by standard transfer). Everything else is done through the app.

How much does Panek Car Sharing cost?
  • The 3 minutes dedicated to ride preparation are free, a minute ride costs 50 groschen.
  • Each kilometer you start will cost 65 groschen.
  • One minute break – 10 groschen.


            4mobility offers both free-floating and station-based car sharing models. Station-based means that you can only rent a car from the company’s base and you have to return it to the same place.

In addition, the company offers different types of vehicles for rent (Hyundai, mini, BMW) – the prices vary depending on the type of vehicle you want to rent.

How does it look financially?
  • The cheapest Open option (Hyundai i30) costs 55 groschen per minute and 80 groschen per kilometer, the most expensive (BMW) costs 65 groschen per minute and 80 groschen per kilometer
  • Price per stand – 12 groschen

City Bikes – Verturilo

City Bikes were the first to appear in Warsaw and they are still the most popular. They work on a station-based principle, but there are actually plenty of bases in the city and, compared to 4mobility Verturilo, you don’t have to return them at the same base from where you rented the bike. The entry fee for using the service is 10 zloty and each bike ride is free for up to 20 minutes. Rides up to 1 hour are also priced at just under 1 zloty. An amazing option for everyday use in the city. In addition to traditional bikes, you can also choose tandem bikes, children’s bikes and e-bikes.

Transport Alternatives in Warsaw
Verturilo photo by Dominika Zdrodowska

Minute Scooters

Scooters have the advantage over bicycles and cars that they effectively help avoid Warsaw’s traffic jams. As with any other means of transport, a mobile app is all you need to use this service. There are three companies in Warsaw that offer scooter rentals by the minute – JedenŚlad, Scroot and Blinkee. JedenŚlad and Blinkie offer electric scooters, Scroot rides internal combustion.


Persons born before 19 January 1995 need only an ID card to drive (those younger than 19 January 1995 must hold an AM license). JedenŚlad offers scooters for two people (two helmets are included). In the app, you can choose the “plan” you want to use the service on.

  • Daily (everyday use) – 20 minutes free every day, extra minutes – 45 groschen/minute, 89 zloty per month.
  • Urban (occasional use) – 100 minutes per month for free, each additional minute 39 groschen, 59 zlotys per month.
  • Prepaid (occasional) – 69 groschen per minute, no fixed monthly fee.


Scroot services are available to people over 21 years of age, with a category B (minimum 3 years), A1, A2 or A license and experience of driving a motorized bicycle or motorcycle. You can also travel with a passenger on a Scroot scooter. As with cars, the rental price is based on the time the scooter has been used and the distance traveled.

  • 49 groschen per minute of driving
  • 49 groschen for every kilometer traveled
  • 9 groschen per minute of parking


In Blinkee, a minute’s ride costs 59 groschen, a minute’s ride for students is only 50 groschen. You don’t pay any extra monthly or mileage fees. As in the case of JedenŚlad, persons born before 19 January 1995 need only an ID card, younger users – a valid driving license of any category. Blinkee scooters are also suitable for 2 people and 2 helmets are provided in the boot.

JedenŚlad photo by Dominika Zdrodowska

Or a walk?

The healthiest and undoubtedly the most financially beneficial alternative, which we have not yet mentioned in this article, is definitely walking. There’s no better way to get to know a city thoroughly than to walk it on your own. Time and weather permitting, I recommend exploring Warsaw on foot.