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Tips for Good Food in Warsaw

September 6, 2022

Where to go for a good food in Warsaw? There are many businesses and restaurants in every city that look tempting, but sometimes it’s hard to choose from so many options. So we present to you a small selection of interesting places with a pleasant atmosphere and quality food.

Good Food in Warsaw: Aioli – Świętokrzyska 18

If you’re wondering where to go for a good breakfast in the city center, we recommend you visit the Aioli restaurant. You will certainly choose from a wide range of breakfast menus. However, if you visit this place later in the morning, around lunchtime, we recommend ordering the goat cheese burger. You will definitely fall in love with it.

Klubokawiarnia Jaś i Małgosia – Jana Pawła II 57

This restaurant is a traditional place to meet friends for a good beer and Polish flavors, located near Ogrod Krasińskich. Whether you head here for a chilled draft beer in the afternoon or a cold glass in the evening, you’ll still encounter a welcoming atmosphere and quality food and drinks.

MOMU – Wierzbowa 9/11

Definitely come to this place for a good steak, duck or steak tartare. Located just a ten-minute walk from the Royal Castle in the Old Town. This place is very popular among the locals, so if you want to come here on a Friday night or on the weekend, be sure to book a table for yourself in advance.

Arigator Ramen Shop – Piękna 54

You can try something a little different than traditional Polish flavors near Warszawska Politechnika. The rich Asian flavors will delight you at this bar and you will definitely come back often. Like Momu, this restaurant is often packed, especially in the early evening. So try to book a table in advance.

Ciao a Tutti – 217 Niepodległości Avenue

A little further from the center, near the National Library, there is a very good Italian restaurant. If you’re in love with the rays of the Apennine sun, this is where you can feel them on your taste buds. Whether you order pizza or cannoli, you won’t regret it!

Restaurant in the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN – Mordechaj Anielewicz 6

It is not a matter of course to visit museums for good food in Warsaw. However, the POLIN Museum is an exception. Apart from a really interesting exhibition about the history of Jews in Poland, you can enjoy a nice meal in a local restaurant afterwards. The menu is really interesting, as the dishes are prepared according to the rules and recipes of Jewish cuisine. A great opportunity to taste eastern flavors brought to our latitudes.

CAVA – Nowy Świat 30

This cozy café with a rich and tasty breakfast menu will surely capture your heart. It’s located in the narrow city center and although it’s not one of the cheapest, the coffee here tastes really great. If you like to experiment, we recommend that you try a regular coffee in a slightly unconventional way. On the menu you will find it under the name chemex.

Galeria wypieków Lubaszka

You will literally fall in love with this bakery chain. In addition to tasty pastries, buns or cakes, you will also find the option of a light lunch in the form of a salad or a slice of pizza on a delicious base. This bakery can be found in various locations around the city, although not in the very center. We recommend their traditional cheesecake buns or any of the cheesecakes. We guarantee that you will return here very often.

We hope we have inspired you with at least a few tips for culinary spots in the Polish capital. All we can do is wish you bon appetit!