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Hidden Corners of Krakow, or What Only True Krakowians Know About

September 22, 2022

Every city conceals a few mysterious buildings, spaces or parks, which people usually learn about only when they are in the city for a longer period of time. Since some are worth getting to know right away, we’d like to introduce you to a few of them.

The library on Rajska Street

If you are planning to stay longer in Krakow, we recommend you get a membership card at your local library. There are several branches throughout Kraków, but its main building is located on Rajska Street. Not only books in different genres and languages can be borrowed here, but also magazines, films and vinyl records. It is also a place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city if you need a moment to relax, work or study. On the top floor there is a study room, where you can also use a small kitchenette to warm up your lunch. A few floors below, there is also a bar-style restaurant serving tasty dishes at good prices.

The library also organizes a number of events, author readings, literary and film evenings throughout the year. Just sign up and keep an eye on their website for news.

Jordan Park

This little-known park is located just outside Blonie and offers great conditions for both sports and relaxation. There are sports fields in the park complex, which you can book online for yourself and your party at a nominal price. You can play tennis, volleyball and basketball; there is also a place for runners or those who like to exercise in the fresh air. For children there is a network of several playgrounds, a skateboard track, climbing frames and rope attractions. On the edge, there is a small water area for children, where you can play on inflatable attractions or on water bikes.

In winter, a well-maintained ice rink for skaters is built on the edge of the park, which, in addition to a central rink, has several ice paths that lead through the romantically lit park.

Another part of Jordan Park is suitable for picnics or relaxing under the treetops or sunbathing in the meadow, which blooms beautifully in summer. If you’re a hammock lover, the surrounding trees will accommodate you. Cast your net here and relax in peace just a ten-minute walk from the city center.


For anyone who feels young, there is the opportunity to join Krakow students in the celebrations they call Juvenalia at the end of May every year. Throughout the city, at various universities, there are various concerts throughout the week, even by quite well-known bands. If you want to discover the Polish music scene, you must not miss the opportunity to attend at least one concert. Tickets can be purchased at the website Juwenalia Krakoskie.

Parsley Market

9-15 Kalwaryjska Street is home to the market, where every connoisseur of good food flocks each Wednesday and Saturday, from morning to noon. At this market you can buy good, locally grown or produced food from the surrounding area. The quality is guaranteed by the organization itself, which controls the sellers and the goods they sell. In addition to shopping, however, it is also worth coming here for the various events that take place on various occasions. You can keep checking their website for all the details.

Hidden Corners of Krakow, or What Only True Krakowians Know About
You can also find a wide selection of quality food at Dębnickim Market Square – photo: Anna Čujová