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Working Abroad. Advantages and Disadvantages

March 31, 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working abroad? You will know the financial benefits of working abroad. We often associate working abroad with the work of nannies, sales staff, warehouse workers or other physical labor. Why not work abroad and use your native language? But let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this decision.

Working abroad – advantages and disadvantages: get to know yourself

The first steps in a new country can be uncertain. But Ahoy Career will make you feel great in Poland. We’ll help you relocate, recommend a language course and you’ll enjoy our support during your first months abroad. A new landscape offers new challenges. And while it may feel lonely at first, it will teach you a lot about what you can do.

CV Bullet Points

By working abroad, you automatically earn bonus points with future employers. New experiences, learning about another culture and the courage to change your life means you won’t be afraid of any challenge. And it’s truly a challenge. Change your life, your job and face the unknown. It takes a bit of courage, along with a sense of humor and adventure.

Completely New

Everything you experience will be different to what you have been doing. New experiences, new places. New colleagues, new friends. The new culture you are entering will certainly surprise you. Although Poland appears to be a strictly conservative country, it offers global trends, a fast-growing economy and an interesting career opportunity.


Working abroad is certainly easier for those who don’t yet have their own families. The advantage of working with Ahoy Career is that you gain a strong partner to help you find your way around the Polish labor market. If you already have a family, they can easily follow you abroad. The multicultural environment is also great for educating children, who learn tolerance and get to know the world from several sides.

The disadvantages of working abroad are mainly related to distance from home and separation from family. But all disadvantages can be mitigated. Especially if you are only one border away from work.