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Working Abroad Through an Agency

November 22, 2022

Working Abroad. After typing “looking for a job”, the search engine will offer you a number of options. If you are looking for a job abroad or even a job abroad without knowing the language of the country, you have probably come across us. So how does it work?

Working Abroad: CV and Employee Branding

First and foremost, we will make sure that you act professionally in your dealings with employers. We’ll advise you how on LinkedIn, Facebook and take a critical eye at your CV or cover letter. You will learn to “sell” yourself. If necessary, we will also work with you to prepare you for the interview. To help you know yourself better and so that we can match you with a new job, we use a variety of psychological tests. It’s all about uncovering the strengths you may not have known you had. Of course, if you choose a job that suits you, you can still rely on our recommendations and support.

Choosing a Job

On our website, you choose the offers that most interest you and we then recommend you to an employer based on your experience and the work experience you have. You do not need to speak a foreign language, in this case Polish. We will focus on your experience and the idea you have of your new job. We know our clients, so we know what kind of people they are looking for. Our goal is to find you fulfilling work and recommend the right employees to our clients.


We know all your feelings about moving to a new country and starting a new job. Joy combined with anticipation and a great deal of curiosity. If you have accepted our challenge and decided to change your life, you can count on our support. We will help you to acclimatize during your first three months in Poland. We will advise you on where to go for fun, how to relax, how to shop and of course help you with legislation and legal documents.

Our goal is to recommend suitable candidates with experience from the Slovak market to international companies with their headquarters in Poland as well as to Polish companies. These are mainly companies that direct their activities to Slovakia. That’s why you are a great choice for them. Our portfolio includes a variety of management positions, but also work for those looking for a new challenge.