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Athens, a perfect destination for young professionals!

August 18, 2023

Curious about Athens?

Athens has been often called the “New Berlin” and for a very good reason. A vibrant city that never sleeps, a thrilling destination that combines insatiable culture, exquisite gastronomy and a multi-faceted nightlife, bringing together in the coolest way possible the rich historical legacy with a modern edge. Athens is actually many cities in one, as every neighborhood has a completely different vibe, attracting different crowds, and showcasing a different personality of this exciting destination. Let’s explore it!

History lives on

Ancient glory meets the high-paced urban rhythm in every corner. Athenians are so accustomed to having ancient remnants in their everyday life that they almost don’t even notice anymore. But for the newcomers strolling around the area of the center is an incredible collage of vibrant contemporary shops, fashionable cafes and, well, marble masterpieces remaining untouched for thousands of years. Even if you are not an archaeology buff, chances are you will become one!

Culture in every form

The cultural activity of Athens never ceases to amaze. The city itself is basically a stretched out canvas with intricate graffiti in every single corner. Often political, the history and the personality of the city reflects in these works, creating a sense of constantly being surrounded by creative expression. From high-end galleries and museums, to underground artist-run spaces, open-air cinemas, and guerilla performances, you are certain to feel the atmosphere of constant creativity, already upon arrival.

Food is reason alone to visit

Greek cuisine is on every foodie’s bucket list and rightfully so. Athens boasts amazing gastronomical thrills for every budget and a never-ending list of street food. The locals will quickly introduce you to the sensorial wonders of gyro wraps, all sorts of pies, and of course the iconic moussaka. Deeply multicultural, Athens hides a new ethnic flavor in basically every corner, giving you yet another reason to constantly explore the secrets of neighborhoods such as Kypseli, Exarcheia and the surroundings of Omonia square. Apart from the endless list of amazing restaurants, you can always find organic produce of the finest quality and purchase products directly from the farmers in “Laiki” markets organized weekly in every neighborhood.

Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

Nightlife is second to none

As the sun sets, Athens transforms into a city that never sleeps. For young night owls, the city’s nightlife scene offers an abundance of options. Again, where you’ll go is defined by what you’re eager to experience. If what you’re searching for is easy bohemian tavernas with traditional music and local bites, Exarcheia is your destination. For real clubbing the former industrial district of Gazi, is the place to dance the night away! Psiri is a favorite amongst the Athenians for the many bar-hopping options with fantastic mixology. You will find everything a short walk from the city center and all you have to do is simply pick your style of fun!

Entrepreneurial culture on the rise

The city is gradually becoming a very friendly ecosystem for young professionals and innovators with co-working spaces, startup incubators, and networking events appearing all the more often. You will have many opportunities to tap into Athens’ entrepreneurial life, connecting with like-minded crowds and perhaps even launching your own ventures.

Athens is always on the move, a city where the old meets the brand-new, always in an easy going and relaxed atmosphere. It is no wonder this city constantly makes it to the top of best places to live, especially for young adults, as it offers so much for every budget. After all, the local mindset and the relaxed way of life make it an ideal place to find a work-life balance and make the most out of your time. Whether you’re drawn to history, culture, cuisine, art, or the thrill of urban exploration, the city will welcome you with open arms and will always hold something new for you to explore.