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Moving to Athens? Find your new home with a few easy steps!

September 19, 2023

Athens is an incredibly fun place to live, with endless options of dining and experiences for every taste and budget. Unfortunately, not every part of living in Athens is equally fun, with the search for accommodation being a common headache for locals and expats alike. But have no fear! We have prepared the ultimate guide so as to assist you in your quest for your new home, with practical insights for you to secure your ideal living space in Athens!


Athens is all about the different neighborhoods

Before diving into the specifics of finding lodging, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Athens’ neighborhoods, each with a very specific personality and advantages. Depending on your style you can choose what suits you best!

Plaka: Right at the foot of the Acropolis, Plaka is a scenic, picture-perfect neighborhood with
charming streets, traditional houses, and just a stone throw away from the city center. An ideal living area but, alas, very steep in terms of rent.

Koukaki: Much more pocket-friendly than Plaka, Koukaki offers a mix of residential tranquility and proximity to popular landmarks, making it a sought-after location. Once again, the budget you would require is on the steeper end but it is certainly worth it as it combines comfort and easy access downtown.

Kolonaki: Are you interested in design, classy vibes, high fashion and exclusive boutiques? Kolonaki is the place for you! This area is one of the most popular in Athens but you will likely find some interesting co-living options! 

Exarchia: Rebellious heart? Spot on! This bohemian hub is the perfect place for young professionals. Stunning graffiti, alternative shops, hip cafes. What is more, you’ll be just a short walk away from Omonia square, the city’s second biggest square and the most well-connected subway stop.

Glyfada: Living by the sea? Yes, who can say no to that! This beautiful suburb boasts beautiful beaches, upscale shopping, and a relaxed coastal feel.

Kifisia: For the lovers of nature! Kifisia is a rather upscale suburb but you can find coliving options that are just stunning!  What do you get for living here? Green spaces, luxurious residences, and a quieter ambiance.

Metaxourgeio: The beating heart of Athens! This up-and-coming district is known for its art scene, hipster vibe, and many affordable living options.

Petralona: Feeling like living in a village but still being in the center of the Athenian vibe? This neighborhood offers a blend of urban living and local charm, featuring traditional tavernas and a true sense of community. Pro tip: search Kato Petralona, by far the most affordable rental options in the area!

Pagrati: Very close to the city center, Pagrati is a beloved area for the locals as it is easily accessible and offers many dining options and lively local markets. And of course, affordable rental options!

Where to Look for Accommodation

Online Platforms: The mother of all information, the internet! Make sure to check Airbnb, Xrysi Eykairia and Spitogatos. The latter ones are very popular real estate marketplaces providing listings for both rental and purchase properties.

Local Classifieds: Greek newspapers and websites like often have classified sections featuring listings from landlords and property management companies. Don’t miss them!

Social Media Groups:  Another very effective method is to join relevant groups of Facebook as many owners opt for posting their rental options directly in order to forego commission fees! Joining these groups will help you to interact with locals, expats, and potential landlords directly.

Networking: Nothing beats personal contacts. Just ask around literally everywhere. There’s always someone who knows someone who knows someone who can help you!

What you need to do

Plan Ahead: It’s a good idea to start your search well in advance, especially if you’re moving during peak tourist seasons or university enrollment periods.

Set a Budget: Determine a realistic budget that includes not only the rent but also utilities. Unlike many cities in Europe these costs are not included in the rental price.

Consider Transportation: Proximity to transportation options, especially metro stations is one of the key factors for you to determine your next neighborhood. Athens is a metropolis. Although you are certain to have a supermarket or a cafe within walking distance no matter where you stay, you will need good connectivity for exploring the city! 

Visit in Person: Make sure to see the house you are planning to rent personally. Although scamming is not common, you simply do not need bad surprises when signing a new rental contract. And of course take pictures of the whole space in advance so that when you need to take back your deposit, you can prove that any issues did not occur during your stay but prior to it. 

Negotiate Wisely: Negotiating is absolutely normal and acceptable in contemporary Greek culture. Don’t shy away from trying to secure the best terms. This method is particularly effective when dealing directly with landlords.

Read the Fine Print: Thoroughly review the lease agreement to understand the terms and conditions. Ideally, send the contract to a lawyer who can help you familiarize yourself with Greek rental laws and ensure that your lease agreement aligns with them. 

Trust the process!

Finding accommodation in Athens can be quite a strenuous process. But have no fear.  All it takes is a bit of organization, a good search in advance and, of course, contacts! Mingle around and simply ask everyone you know! Above all, understand that you will need some time to ease into the new setting. So see it as an opportunity to explore this stunning city, give it some time and trust the process!