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Reputable real-estate companies in Greece

November 3, 2023

In search of your forever home in Greece? The country offers an impressive amount of fantastic real estate, both in the major cities but also in the countryside or, even better, the amazing islands. What you need is a good amount of patience, extensive research, and a professional real estate company to be by your side. Lucky for you, we have created the ultimate list for picking the correct company that will be by your side through this fascinating yet sometimes challenging venture!

The market

You can start getting affiliated with your options by visiting popular websites such as Xrisi Efkeria, Spitogatos, and Tospitimou, where you can have a very informative overview of the houses that are currently on sale. Of course, from then on you can also proceed by yourself with the aid of a lawyer. Or perhaps it would be a good idea to consider a real estate company that somewhat raises the total cost but will relieve you from a variety of issues.

The bureaucracy 

As lovely as Greece is, the bureaucracy is one really hard pill to swallow. Especially in matters of real estate purchasing, you can, and probably will, find yourself facing a copious amount of paperwork and hidden costs. For this reason, if you opt for a real estate company, reliability is the number one matter that you need to examine.

Legal aspects: The real estate landscape can hold a lot of surprises of a legal nature. A reliable real estate company has in their team a whole team of legal experts who can really assure you that your transaction is compliant with the country’s framework.

Investment security: It is very important to keep in mind the transparency of the handling of your funds so that you do not end up overpaying. What is more, going through a real estate company can somewhat guarantee that you are receiving accurate information, fair pricing, and reliable property assessments. 

Full transparency: A solid company can give you a very good overview of your rights and obligations, as well as all the necessary information, from property details to legal requirements and financial obligations.

To ease your search, below you will find a list of the most reputable companies active in the field in Greece. 

Atria Property Services:

Atria Property Services offers a broad variety of properties across Greece, ranging from traditional homes and cool apartments in the city centers, all the way to exclusive villas and dreamy cottages. With a strong team of professionals, Atria ensures that all legal aspects are meticulously handled, which is exactly what you need when exploring your options in a foreign market. You will find an extensive portfolio and a level of professionalism that has granted them a high level of customer satisfaction.

Grekodom Development:

Grekodom Development is a well-established real estate agency operating in Greece and Cyprus, accumulating over 15 years of experience. They have a reputation for straightforward and comprehensive services. Grekodom Development offers a wide selection of properties, from beachfront villas to city apartments. Their team is proficient in legal intricacies, making sure every transaction is compliant with Greek law. Their commitment to transparency and providing accurate market information sets them apart as a trusted partner for real estate investments.

Ktimatoemporiki Crete:

How about a house in the beautiful island of Crete? Ktimatoemporiki Crete specializes in such properties and they are well-known for their in-depth knowledge of the local market. You will find anything from apartments to gorgeous traditional homes and contemporary villas. They have a team of experts who guide clients through the entire buying or selling process, ensuring compliance with all legal and financial requirements. With a strong emphasis on client satisfaction, Ktimatoemporiki Crete is a trusted partner to assist you in spotting your perfect summer home!

Savills Greece:

Savills, a renowned international real estate firm, has a strong presence in Greece. The company has a global reputation for excellence with the highest standards of reliability and professionalism. They offer a wide range of properties, from historic estates to contemporary urban residences. Their team includes experienced legal and financial advisors who ensure that all transactions meet the legal and financial requirements. Savills Greece’s global network and local expertise make them a reliable choice for those who are willing to spend and seek really premium real estate in Greece.

You have a very long path ahead of you when choosing the right real estate company that will assist you in finding and purchasing your dream home. What you need to keep in mind is that it is very important to remain safe from scams and unpleasant unforeseen events that will disappoint you and create a big dent in your budget. For this reason, we highly recommend taking it safely and trusting the professionals who will help you find what you are looking for!