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Krakow Music Scene

August 7, 2020

The Underground in Krakow

Krakow’s music scene has many faces. One is the underground world, made up of non-commercial events and festivals, happenings connected to different cultures related to music: dub, techno, psytrance. These genres have a distinct history, often originating on other continents and rooted in important social phenomena (exploitation, slavery). The events are mostly cultural and ideological. Music is the main element that brings people together, regardless of all differences and distinctions. An important common characteristic of the participants is tolerance and a love of celebrating life in the form of dance. These seem to be the slogans of underground non-commercial meetings, which are not only held in clubs, but also atypically in industrial spaces (old factories, factories, sometimes theaters) or outdoors.

Festivals in Krakow

The world famous electronic music festival Unsound also takes place in Krakow,  The events are musically ensured by international DJs. Communities are formed thanks to the contacts of people from different parts of the world, associations whose members are united by passion and similar views. The organizers of alternative events often support charitable initiatives, helping both animals and the ecology. There are activist groups not just in Krakow, but in other Polish cities. Groups against violence, racial segregation, animal cruelty, for the protection of forests and nature. Krakow DJs often donate the proceeds from their events to charity.

Krakow’s music scene also has interesting events in the summer. Open air events are attracting more and more participants. No wonder, visitors can choose any genre, from electronic music to ethno, folk or classical. Many of the genres are now hybrid, combining the old with the new and the classic with the extravagant. However, festivals are not only a celebration of music, but also a flirtation with different kinds of art. The Art & Culture Festival creates the opportunity to participate in an exhibition of paintings, posters, spatial art, as well as various forms of physical activity: yoga, massages, concerts involving Tibetan bowls and gongs. There are designated areas for children at the festivals, but open air events are also open to pet owners.

Krakow’s Music Scene and Places of Interest

A complex of clubs and bars on Dolnych Młynów Street, the old hotel Forum,club Szpitalna. One thing is for sure: everyone who likes a good dose of bass will be able to dance from profound night till the midday hours. Krakow is also home to standard bars, craft beer bars, popular clubs and discotheques on Rynek Główny, as well as atmospheric brasseries dominated by jazz, such as Piwnica pod Baranami. There is also a Jazz Jam Session in town. If you follow the website, you are always in the loop and you have a daily overview of the concerts that take place, for example, at Club RE, Alchemia, Piękny pies. The exceptional atmosphere of businesses in the Jewish part of Kazimier attracts every visitor with its unique location.