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Nightlife in Warsaw. Where to Go Tonight?

July 30, 2020

Nightlife in Warsaw. In Warsaw, life pulsates even at night. Anyone who has taken to the streets in the evening will confirm this. The entertainment offer after dark is huge, which is an undeniable fact. The key question, however, is: where exactly can you find it in the capital at night? It’s impossible to name even half the places worth going to, but an overview of at least a few will help you get an idea of where to start.

Nightlife in Warsaw: Pawilony Nowy Świat (Pavilóny – Nový svet)

The Warsaw Pavilions are the place with the highest density of bars and pubs. Which businesses can you visit in the pavilions? Cocktail bars (o. i. Szprycer, Manhattan, Klubowa No. 24, Babajaga, Pawilon 31), pubs with currently very popular craft beer (Pewex, Le melagne, Oranż), hookah lounges (Fajka bar, Kafefajka) and shot bars (e.g. Shot Gun). There are also places to grab a bite to eat (e.g. Burger Boss). The Warsaw Pavilions even have their own website: Click on this link for a guide to all the Warsaw pavilions.

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa ( vodka bar and beer bar)

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa operates up to 3 businesses in Warsaw. One is located in the aforementioned Pavilions (Nowy Świat 22/28), the second at Nowy Świat 19 and the third at Nowogrodzka 27. In these places, the atmosphere of the Polish 60s (“for a mouthful of vodka” and “a herring under the tooth”) reigns. You should visit the vodka bar not only to get a shot for a good price, but also because you can have a history lesson here thanks to the unusual atmosphere. Besides, the place on Nowogrodzka Street is really spacious inside and it’s not as crowded as the ones on Nowy Świat Street – you can stop in for more than just one or two shots.

Bulváre pri Visle

During a visit to the capital, it would be a sin not to visit Warsaw’s boulevards. We dedicate a separate article to them, which you can read here. However, on the topic of nightlife, we can’t leave them out. The boulevards along the Vistula are becoming increasingly popular. The steps by the Vistula, places to get a burger, Belgian fries or craft beer, clubs to dance in, the river and sunsets or the view of the beautifully lit night metropolis – all this is attracting more and more people to the Vistula not only in the evenings, but also on weekends.

Plan B – Savior’s Square (Plac Zbawiciela)

Until a few years ago, Savior’s Square, or Hipster Square, was mainly associated with a colorful rainbow of planted flowers. Today there is no trace of the rainbow, but the square is still very popular. The most famous club in the area is Plan B. A place where you can have a drink, dance or have fun with friends or even meet Warsaw celebrities. For many residents of the capital, Plan B becomes Plan A in the evening and at night, because people are never absent.

Nightlife in Warsaw: {b}Mazowiecka Street

On Mazowiecka Street in Warsaw there is one club after another. The most popular venues include Enklawa at Mazowiecka 12, which has been operating for more than 10 years, Room 13 club, located across the street from Enklawa at Mazowiecka 13, and also Sketch Nite, which can be found right next door (Mazowiecka 11). There are also clubs such as Organza, Bank Klub, Paparazzi…if you feel like having a drink and want to dance but don’t know where to go, a walk down this street will do the trick.

Which places are still worth visiting? Piw Paw, Miejsce Chwila, Cocktail Bar Max, Dom Whisky, Kita Koguta, Regina Bar, Setka…The list is long. You could write a whole book about the nightlife in Warsaw. But to get you started, it’s enough to get to know the places we’ve introduced.

And why these, among all the others? Because they are full of diverse pubs and depending on the preferred atmosphere, equipment, menu or type of establishment, there is something for everyone. So let this bar trip begin!